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I've been shooting weddings for many years now. I've been privileged to be apart of more weddings than most photographers will ever get to photograph. I always try and meet with the bride/groom before they decide to choose me as their wedding photographer. The interaction between someone that is capturing one of the most memorable days of your life and pretty important. You really want to respect and have confidence with someone you'll be hanging out with all day while giving them the responsibility of photographing the beginning of a new era in your life. I love getting to know the bride/groom and discovering what is important to them. This helps me with providing them images they'll cherish forever. A photo is a special moment in time and I absolutely love documenting and creating art from those moments.

Experience. This word describes my approach to photography in so many different ways. My name is Del, and I love photographing and being apart of weddings. I totally enjoy seeing my bride/groom forget that they're even having their photos taken. They get lost in the moment of romance and having fun-what the day is suppose to be about. That experience only comes from building relationships and understanding who your clients are. It’s not surprising to me that most of my wedding couples become close and dear friends. Your photography experience should be fun, engaging and well planned.

I want to capture all the fun and excitement of your wedding day with vibrant, timeless images. But at the heart of my photography is the love, joy and emotion that makes your wedding day your own. Using my extensive experience in photography and my love for photojournalism, I’ll tell your one-of-a-kind wedding story with imaginative vision and unforgettable expression!

Q: What do you charge?

Well, that's the main reason you're here, right? Answered in the the following three Q&A. Now let me first say this, long after those beautiful flowers have died and been thrown away, after all that delicious catered food at your reception is just a faded memory and way after that gorgeous wedding dress is packed away and stored in the back of your'll need to have photographs of that special day so you can smile while remembering it over and over again. That's why you'll see me referring to wedding photography as an "investment".  An investment in  your time and your future memories.

Q: Do you offer "preset" packages?

Many years ago that was the norm and we based our photography services around that old mindset. But one day it struck me, if the bride and groom are so special and unique, as everyone claims in their advertising, while are we offering them cookie-cutter packages? Are they the same as the last couple that we just photographed? Is their wedding day going to be the exact same as the last dozen couples? Should I try to get them to buy my $200 album, mark it up to $1200, then put it in a preset package that costs $3500? NO-then why am I making them choose a preset package? You're special day deserves special photography photocrafting, NOT a golden arches super size that for you attitude!

Q: So what do you charge?

Wedding Day Investment Photography starting at $300. We've provided wedding photography from $300 to $6500 over the years. You tell me what YOU desire and I'll tell you what I need to provide you with those services. It's that easy. Wedding photography shouldn't be like buying a car and that mentality of "This is what we have and we're going to try and get as much money out of it as possible".

Q: How would you describe your photographic style?

It’s high fashion, portrait meets photojournalism.

Q: Do you shoot in film or in digital?

Tho nostalgic for the film era, our team only uses the highest quality Canon digital cameras and equipment on the market, ensuring premium quality images.

Q: Will we have an option to have black and white photos?

We simply love black and white images! Our photos are shot in RAW format, which means that each image can be easily transformed into black and white.

Q: Will we have photos taken before the wedding?

Yes a location engagement sessions can be apart of your photography investment. It’s also a great opportunity for us to get to know each other. Chemistry is key!

Q: How many photos we you receive with your photography services?

We believe in quality over quantity, but never set limits. You can expect to receive a healthy, not overwhelming, number of images! Remember, the amount of images depends on the venue, size of your wedding party, number of guests, amount of photo time and you, the couple.

Q: Will we keep the digital negatives?

Yes, we can deliver full resolution, post-produced, un-watermarked images on a handy DVD, thumbdrive or by way of the "Cloud".

Q: Can we print our own photos or make our own albums later?

Yes, the photos are yours to keep, so feel free to make your own prints or design your own albums. You will receive a print release with your digital images.

Q: Who's on your photography team?

We have one full-time & two part-time, professional photographers on our photography team. Our wedding day coverage includes a second photographer, and depending on the size of your wedding, we may bring along an additional assistant to guarantee optimum coverage.

Q: Do you tour the venue before the wedding?

Yes-preferably, we're happy to visit the event venue(s) with you prior to the wedding.

Q: How soon will we receive the completed photos?

Expect to receive the final photos one to three weeks after your wedding. 

Q: We're having a destination wedding. Do you travel?

Yes, we're available for travel worldwide. Schedule a consultation to learn about our destination wedding packages.

Q: Contract is signed! What’s next?

After you sign the contract and submit a retainer to hold the date, we can get to the fun stuff! We'll look at our calendars and schedule the engagement photo shoot!

Q: How many weddings do you shoot a year?

Being semi-retired, we only accept 4-8 weddings a year, allowing us to focus fully on creating a one of a kind client experience and the amazing photography we're known for.

Q: I still have a few more questions!

Contact us, and ask away! Phone 813-957-0363 Email

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